Ranks in CS: GO

One of the hardest tasks in competitive Counter Strike: Global Offensive is to rank up.

You can spend countless hours in search for an upgrade in your level but chances are, you are still not leveling up. This ladder is hard to climb. There are many factors that come into play while ranking up in competitive mode.

There are a total of 18 ranks in Counter Strike: Global Offensive which run from Silver I to The Global Elite.

Philosophy of Competitive Ranks in CS: GO

The story of ranks isn’t as simple as you think.

To your surprise,

just to enter into Competitive matchmaking you have to earn sufficient EXP by playing casual matches. The first milestone that you have to reach is Private Rank 2. After you have made it to competitive, you will have to win 10 games to get your rank.

But here’s a catch,

you have to be patient while ranking up. You can’t simply barge in and rank up in one day. Instead, you can only win a number of matches per day. The number is set to two wins in one day. You will have to hold your horses until you have got your rank.

Once you do, the chains of restriction are going to be removed.

Until you have bagged in 10 wins in competitive matches, your rank isn’t going to be shown. Till then, you are going to be playing with players from different rank levels.

Remember: The ranks only vary by +/- 5 when you are playing without a rank with other players.

The Valve game modes that you’re going to be started with include; Arms Race, Demolition, Casual and Deathmatch.

Just think of it as a training session where you are being polished to play with the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive finest on an advance level.

The ranking of your player is going to be based on the level of your success and failures. This is why it is important for you to bag as many wins as possible. Because, if you fail to impress, you will be assigned to a lower skill group as well.

What Does Competitive Matchmaking Rank Indicate?

Many people think that matchmaking rank determines whether you are good or bad but it is not at all true.

It only shows how experience you are and what your overall expertise in the game are. The skill level can never be expressed in terms of matchmaking ranking. Even if after your placement games, you have been moved to silver, it does not mean that you are bad at playing.

It simply indicates that you are still understanding the intricacies of the game.

For instance,

If you are at the bottom of the table with the Silvers rank, that means there is no proper planning or strategy involved in the gameplay. You are going to come across many smurfs at these levels.

Smurfs are basically the higher ranked players on varying accounts.

Talking about ranks, Novas are a bit more sensible as they are starting to understand the dynamics of the game. Finally coming to the Master Guardian, it is an advanced level rank. It is the top of the food chain where you have harnessed your true power and skill.

Wingman Ranking

Wingman was introduced in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive back in 2017. Trust Factor was a part of this new game mode that was in turn a Hydra Event.

Along with War Games and Weapons Expert, Wingman was all set to make its mark in the CS: GO.

Features of Wingman

It features a game mode where one pair goes up against another pair of 2. The maps are quite smaller as compared to other modes.

The game is played in a best of 16 format where the rounds are of 1 minute and 30 seconds.


The wingman ranks are not as significant as the competitive ranks. It is a game of who gets to kill first. You can’t expect something good to come out of baiting your team mate.

There are a few things that matter when it comes to Wingman Ranking:

  • The ratio of wins or losses in the round matters
  • The ranks that you are up against in the rounds matter
  • Fact that there are MVPs or not, that matters


when you are playing and winning against Gold Nova 4’s and Master Guardian 1’s, there are still chances that you are going to down in the ranks even after one loss.

All in all,

The wingman rankings essentially don’t mean much. You have the same 18 ranks in the Wingman ranks as you do in the Competitive rankings. 


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