Most Popular Maps in CS: GO

One of the most basic rules for playing a first-person game such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive is learning the map.

A map is the virtual location in the game where the shootouts take place.

The better you know the hideouts, the more strategical game you will be able to play.

With that being said,

some of the maps are hand-picked by the officials for the Esports tournaments while others are used for the sake of fun. Small online communities are made in order to help players train in the maps.

Popular Maps

Each player has his own preference and depending upon their personal preference, they adhere to the maps they wish to join. Players pick these maps according to their mood and style of play, which is why every player has his own list of favorites.


there are a few maps that have been loved by the majority of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans around the world.

We are going to discuss the top favorites;

1.      Hostage Rescue

It is an interesting map where you are on the good side of the story. Terrorists try to hide a number of hostages while you try to rescue them.

Let’s be honest,

we love be the heroes and this map certainly helps us feel like it. As we enter this action-packed map, it is our duty to safely rescue the hostages from the shackles of the terrorists.

2.      Bomb Defusal

 An exciting map with lots of drama and time-bound activities where the terrorists plant the bomb in a hidden spot and the team of counter-terrorists have to stop it.

Sound’s enthralling, doesn’t it?

It’s a massively played map and even the Esports tournament organizers invite players to watch the professionals put on a show.

3.      War Games

It is an addition to two of the maps that have been mentioned above. It offers unusual mission and you can simply enter this world of adventures from the game menu.

It a fun way to enjoy with your friends. Different maps are associated with this game mode. For instance, Demolition and Flying Scoutsman were associated with this game mode in 2018.

It is mostly used by the player when they are not in the mood for a fun day with friends.

Best Bomb Defusal Maps

A couple of bombs defusal maps steal the show when it comes to the fan-favorite.

It’s no surprise that the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans are going to vouch for the maps that offer the crispest action in the game.


Comprising of Moroccan theme architecture, this map is by far the most popular one among all the other maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Initially, it wasn’t an official map but with its popularity increasing, Valve decided to make it an official series in the game.


An exotic European city that some believe is picturized on Spain’s Basque Country. There are small Italian inscriptions that make it seem like it’s a town from Italy.

This map has two targets for terrorists. Both of them are two important pipelines. The terrorists are hell bent on destroying any one of these two pipelines.


Well, this map is nothing short of a movie on its climax. The terrorists are planning to explode one of the cities in Ukraine that goes by the name of Pripyat.

Worst case scenario, the terrorists include the Chernobyl power plant in their plan and spread radiation along with a huge explosion.

Counter terrorists have one job and that is to eliminate every possible threat from the map in order to save the day.

Dust II

While talking about the most popular locations in the maps of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, we can’t leave behind our very old classic; Dust.

It has been a part of every ­Counter-Strike game out there and in Global Offensive, it reappears by the name of Dust II. Although a number of revisions have been made in this location.

You enter somewhere in the Middle East. Everything that you see in this location is made exactly based on the Middle-Eastern style. The terrorists are looking to explode crates that contain weapons made out of toxic chemicals.


Another classic but with a lot of improvements is Nuke map.

In this location, you are up against terrorists in the nuclear station located in Germany. Your mission includes protecting any unwanted activity happening inside the premises owing the presence of nuclear materials there.

You can’t make a player choose one map over the other because it all depends upon their predilections.


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