CSGO Spray Patterns

Spray patterns teach you more about the recoil and your inaccuracy than any other skill. It is evidently the most effective way to know where you lack and ways to improve your aim.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been one of the leading games ever, produced by Valve. Anyone of you who plays first person shooting games, has played CS: GO in his life. There have been several updates in the game with time.


one of the features of the game that have stayed constant throughout the game are spray patterns and the skills to perfect it.

Spray Patterns

Spray patterns are a result of two things; Inaccuracy and Recoil.

Inaccuracy is your inability to perfectly aim your shot at the enemy. It leads to less damage and sometimes when you can’t even make the shot, it proves to be a huge disadvantage. It might take time to get used to aiming better because every gun has its own pattern.

Some of the factors that influence your accuracy include;

Running, Jumping, Walking, Ducking, climbing ladders and obviously, the number of shots you’ve made.


Recoil on the other hand varies for every weapon. Recoil pattern is often fixed and usually moves upward and after sometime to the right or left. The time gap when your crosshair comes back to the default position is when the recoil effect is reset. It is also reset, when the weapon you are holding comes back to the default position.

How to Counter it?

Well, like everything you can improve your accuracy by practicing. The more you are familiar with the recoil pattern of a gun, the more you are likely to effectively use it.

Same can be said about improving your aim while walking, running or even ducking.

For instance,

To counter the recoil effect that is making the gun move upward, you simply have to pull down after first few shots. As long as you keep up countering the pattern, your aim is going to keep getting better.

After a while, when you are used to the gun going upward in motion while shooting, you can work on its sideways motion as well.

I mean, what else do the pros do? They practice until they get it right. That is why most of the pro players who are good with pistols aim for the headshots, because they have a firm grip on keeping their aim and they know how effective that one shot is going to be for them.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a complicated game with many mechanics and tactical gameplay. You can either complain about failing it, or you can simply take advantage of it.

Spray Patterns for Different Guns

Now that you have fully grasped the concept of spray patterns, let’s move to several guns and what their recoil patterns looks like;


For a gun like AK-47, the spray patterns somewhat move upwards and from there it starts moving towards the left side. Right after that, it starts to move a bit to the right and left before moving to right again.


The spray pattern of this gun is similar to that of AK-47 to some extent. It moves upward before getting into motion on the right and left side from there.


M4A1-s is a sibling of M4A4 and as you must have guessed it has a similar spray pattern as of M4A4. The pattern followed is somewhat upwards at first while it sways from right-to-left and left-to-right from there.


This weapon comes with a unique pattern in which the spray pattern climbs up first and then starts it left-side motion while it moves to the right after attaining its peak.

SG 553

To better understand the spray pattern for this gun, let’s make it clear that it is totally opposite to that of GALIL. Firstly, it moves vertically but after a while it starts moving to the right and then left. It also has small dips in the middle of the motion which makes it harder to aim from this gun.


One of the most impressive guns with very amusing spray patterns to see was this gun. It has a very slight horizontal deviation of spray pattern whereas it vertical motion starts off by moving upwards. IT has a very tight spread.

Countering Spray Patterns

The best way to counter these spray patterns is to make sure that you understand the recoil patterns of these guns and then go slight against it to keep your aim.

So, make sure you practice till you perfect it and make your name in the game.


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