CSGO Most Common Smoke Spots

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive requires you to be mentally sharp in order to make your mark in the game.

You are as good as you know the maps. So, why not learn about the tight angles in the game regardless of the side you are on. Whether you are on the counter-terrorist side or the terrorist side, the better you know the smoke spots, the harder it is going to be for your opponents to play you.

Why is smoke important?

Well, knowing where to smoke is a critical key to a successful plant. It guarantees you a safer passage to the Bombsite. You can safely reach the Bombsite, if the entire way is covered with smoke. But that is an ideal situation.

The best way to counter this is to close the gap that is unavoidable; close to destination. If you smoke at the beginning of the passage between you and the bomb site, your enemy might be able to catch you.


if you smoke the end of the passage, there is no room left for your opponents to react.

Smokes Per Map

Here is a list of compiled smokes per map that will make it easier for you;


Bombsite A: Stairs

Stop as soon as you reach the steps that are connected to the Palace Alley Platform.

From there;

  • Go towards the edge of the step
  • Place your crosshair in the middle of the pale line that is near to right edge of the step
  • Jump to the first step and turn right
  • Lineup your crosshair along the edge of the building and right side of the wooden structure

As you throw the smoke from this spot, you are going to be smoking the stairs on Bombsite A.

It makes your access to the Palace Tunnel and interior easier.

Bombsite B: Apartments

For your next spot, head down to Bombsite B and stop with the green wheelie bin next to shop entrance. Slightly push right up to the bin and turn towards the green colored tarpaulin that hangs in the bombsite.

This is where it gets trickier;

  • Focus on the corner that is the closest to the green tarpaulin
  • Look closely for a horizontal crease on the left side, it will be a wood piece poking out from tarpaulin
  • Carefully place your crosshair between the horizontal crease and wood poking out

Now, the moment you throw the smoke, it will land inside the apartments. It will deter the Terrorist squad from pushing through. It also helps you catch the terrorist off-guard.

Dust II

Bombsite B

Make sure you are facing the exposed brickwork by entering the upper tunnel and walking around the first pillar that appears on your left side.

From there;

  • Rest your crosshair in the middle of the longest brick and walk into the pillar
  • Focus on the speckled parts on the top portion of the wall
  • Face the walkaway that directs towards Bombsite B
  • On the right side of the red sign you will be able to make a number of marks on the wall; say it to be four
  • As you put your crosshair up, you will see the smaller mark appears with a larger mark a little above

This is the exact spot which will protect you as you walk-in the Bombsite.


It will also help you be safe from the B Doors or cars or even Counter-Terrorists.


Bombsite A: Truck

Walk into the warehouse and look at black and yellow line that appears on the floor.

From there, notice the tarpaulin that is placed on the canisters, located right at the building entrance. As you are about to aim your crosshair;

  • Position your crosshair in the middle of the vertical line and a bit over the horizontal line
  • Just as you cross the black and yellow line, throw the smoke
  • It will be directed towards the left side of the Bombsite and will cover that particular area

This will affect the visibility for the Counter-terrorists and will make it harder for them to see the Bombsite.


It is time to pull out an AWP and become the cavalry. Position the AWP at the truck and quickly take the Bombsite B.


Enter into Heaven and turn to panel on the left wall. Follow the steps below;

  • Notice the white clipboard and change your direction accordingly
  • Look at the top-left of the four panels and position your crosshair on the top-left corner

Throw the smoke and as it covers the doorway, terrorists won’t have a spot to enter the Bombsite B. It gives you a chance to guard the doorway from Heaven.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is all about learning strategies like these, so make sure you follow the instructions given above and dominate the game.


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