CSGO Get Better with Pistol

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive requires you to be at the top of your game.

This means that in order to be a one of the elites, you have to be good at teamplay, economy management and skills on an individual level. Pistols can be very effective if you know when and how to use them.

Did you know?

Pro players who are good at aiming with pistols can kill you in one shot.

Yes, that’s right!

They know that its either going to be that one shot or them being killed. So, they try to make the best use of the pistol.

Tips and Tricks

Do you feel like you are not good at aiming with pistol or lack the skills that are necessary to be better with pistol? If you do, then you are at the right place as we get into the details on how you can dominate a pistol round;

The Pistol Round

You can’t penetrate armor without if you use Glock-18, P2000 or USP-s for that matter. They simply aren’t effective when your opponents are wearing armor especially the head armor.

So, what do you do?

You invest more in your armor then in the pistol. A pistol round leaves you with $800 and building your own defensive strategy is the right way to get through this round. Another addition that you can buy is grenades. It has been emphasized on, even before. If you have a plan, make sure that grenades are a part of it.

The Glock-18

Glock-18 has 20 bullets with a very little spread, although it is not as accurate as the P2000 or USP-s.

It makes it running and shooting easier for you. The best way to make use of it is to get as close to your opponents as you can because only then you can aim for their head. Glock-18 doesn’t penetrate armor but it surely inflicts high damage on someone without armor.

How can you get close to your enemies without them noticing you?

Well, one way to do it, is to carry smoke or flash bangs. This way you can get close to the defending enemies and pull up a head shot, killing them with one bullet. If you don’t make the head shot, you might end up against an enemy with a body armor where your Glock-18 won’t be able to do anything.

Tip: Don’t ever use Glock-18 on eco rounds. Until and unless you need to make a full buy in the next games.

P2000 and USP-s

If you don’t want to rush in on your opponent and take the aim from the distance, then these two guns are your best shot. They are extremely accurate and can help you against terrorists. They want to take the fight near to you while you can counter that with P2000 and USP-s.

Stay back and sharp. Make every shot count and aim for their head. As soon as you catch them off-guard, make the shot.


A pistol that has body armor penetration and is really operative at medium range is P250. Talking about body armor, it is way better than P2000, USP-s or Glock-18 as it makes a good companion if you are heading to the second round. That is of course, if you lose the pistol round.

Tip: Buy P250 in only one case when you are sure that you can pull off a headshot and steal SMG in an instant.

Tec-9 and CZ75-Auto

Let’s talk about some of the most powerful pistols in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

As we said earlier that CS: GO is a team game where your strategy matters. You can buy yourself a Tec-9 and get your teammate an armor. This leaves your enemy with no chance. It’s a powerful weapon and fires pretty quickly.

However, you will need to get up close because it doesn’t have great accuracy. If you are good at running with gunning then this pistol is your best friend. It will make you force of nature.

CZ75-Auto is really hard to control, you can simply take a headshot even when your opponent is wearing a helmet. It shoots really quick and has 12 bullets in one magazine. It requires you to be agile and catch enemies in their weakest moments.

Getting better with pistols in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can also be linked with getting better at aiming. Learn to take the headshots, make sure when you are firing, your aim stays where you want it to be.

This way you can turn the tides of the match to your sides.


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